Being a family-owned business, what drives us is trust, credibility, reliability and an unmitigated sense of teamwork. With 15 years of combined experience of licensed construction and home building, when you work with us we bring you high-quality workmanship and customer service you can count on. Whenever you need us, we are there, fully prepared, with all the expertise you need, all the needed tools, and all the knowledge your painting project entails.

Why you can trust Mass Painters as your expert painting contractors

We are licensed Home Improvement Contractors (HIC). Additionally, we hold a Construction Supervisors License (CSL) and we are also Lead Paint Certified Renovators. These certifications, combined with our total commitment to our work, makes us an indubitable choice for your interior and exterior painting project whether you own a residential building or commercial office.

Our customers love us and highly recommend us because:

  • From repairing to painting to finishing touches and the final cleaning, we do a thorough job of painting — we leave your place sparklingly clean when we are done
  • From the first business call to the final goodbye our primary motive is to establish a relationship rather than simply landing up another painting job
  • Our painters are fully insured
  • What we ultimately strive for is your total satisfaction
  • We easily customize our painting services according to your individual needs
  • We are a family-owned and operated business so there is a complete homely environment when we are working with you (without compromising on quality and professionalism, of course)
  • We provide eco-friendly and non-toxic paint products upon request
  • We provide exceptional customer service and we take immense pride in our work
  • Our efficient handling of the work and comprehensive experience ensures that we stick to deadlines and budgets
  • Aside from painting (that is our main job) we are also adept at carrying out small repairing work so you don’t have to seek another contractor for that job.
  • We have excellent references

As experienced and trained painting contractors we totally understand your needs

Our ability to understand exactly what you are trying to communicate is a great asset. Whether you want to use a single shade all over your building or you want multiple colors over multiple portions of your house or office space, the coatings will be exactly the way you have imagined. So let your imagination and creativity run wild and leave the rest to us.

Need some color combination ideas? As you can very well understand we have been painting residential buildings as well as commercial establishments for well over 1-½ decades and we have an assortment of ideas regarding what color combinations and shades look the best in artificial as well as natural light. If you want us to pitch in regarding the choice of colors and shades, we can gladly do that.

A painting service is not just a manual execution that requires an ability to climb ladders and make brush strokes. A lot goes into making a house a home or making a building an office or a business. It is the painting job that renders a sense of personality and individuality to your interiors and exteriors. When you want to put your best foot forward it is the paint on your walls and doors and windows that creates the right impact.

We work with independent property owners as well as construction and maintenance contractors throughout the state of Massachusetts.

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