Living Room Updates Can Be Affordable

For some of us, the last few years have been a financial challenge, which has prevented us from spending money on much needed items for our homes. For example, my family is still using a 12 year old big screen TV instead of a nice sleek flat screen, but it still works, so it’s keeping us entertained for now. If you want to update your living room on a budget, then here are a few cost savings suggestions.

Furniture Stores

You can find affordable furniture. However, it may take a little time. Pick a day and frequent the clearance or scratch and dent section of your favorite furniture store. Another affordable place to look is at IKEA’s “As Is” section, which often contains floor models.

Thrift Stores

When you shop at thrift stores, you may come across old furniture in need of refurbishment, paint or repair. With a little internet research, you’ll find instructions on refinishing wood items. Also if you decide to update a piece by painting it, be sure to remove the hardware on the item beforehand.

When you choose to add eclectic pieces to your current decor, review the best way to add unusual items to achieve a cohesive design in your living room.

Shopping with a Discount

Often, big name stores will offer online discounts and you can use these to save on items for your living room. If you’ve been considering adding drapes to your windows, then you can use discounts such as a Kohls coupon code to stay within your decorating budget.

Another option is to check the discount sections that are typically located in your local department stores. Slip covers for worn out sofas can be purchased at a discount along with wall decor, shelving and items such as rugs.

Shop within Your Home

Old sweaters can be turned into throw pillows. In fact, you can make two throw pillows out of each sweater. Cut the front and back of your sweater into two separate sections and sew each one to a backing of your choice. You can stuff your new pillow with quilt batting or place an outdated pillow inside your new sweater pillow. Use Velcro to fasten, or if you’re comfortable with a sewing machine, then you can add a zipper.

Another way to update your living room is to shop through other areas of your home. For instance, an unused dresser can become a handy entertainment center since the top is a perfect television stand while the drawers are great for storing DVDs, gaming materials and cables.

Free your creative side when on the search for economical room updates as your imagination is often the best way to save money. What clever ways have you devised to save money during a room update?