Exterior House Painting Boston

We provide cost-effective, attractive and durable exterior painting services that not only render a captivating look to your exteriors, but also increase the market value of your property. As experienced exterior house painting contractors, we understand that aside from protecting your exteriors from the elements of Nature and general wear and tear, a good painting job gives your home a much desired curb appeal.

Why choose us as your Boston exterior painting contractor?

We totally understand the harsh climates of Massachusetts and customize our exterior painting services accordingly. Exterior painting, whether it is your house, apartment, condo or an office building, is much more than merely choosing the right shades for your walls, pillars, balustrades and doors and windows. Although, choosing the right shades and using the right strokes definitely matter (whether it is exterior painting or interior painting), a primary concern of yours as a responsible homeowner would be to protect your exteriors from the harsh environmental conditions.

We systematically perform any small repairs before painting your exterior surfaces so that you don’t have to coordinate with multiple contractors for various repairs.

We follow an organized approach while painting your exteriors so that we can easily accommodate our work schedule according to your convenience. We can also schedule our exterior painting services during non-working days and non-business hours.

Boston Exterior House Painting Process

We follow a multi-pronged approach while carrying out an exterior painting job. To a layperson it might just seem like scrubbing off the old paint and then putting on multiple layers of the new paint. The exteriors of your house are continuously exposed to various corrosive elements and whatever damages occur to your exteriors they are totally visible at the first glance. Even if you put multiple layers of paint upon them, the existing damage shows through the paint and in fact this might look worse than what it was before the painting job. That is why it is essential to follow the entire exterior painting process that involves:

  • A thorough power-wash to ensure a clean surface for the new paint
  • Removal of loose paint and old caulking
  • Repairing of all cracks with high-quality patching compound
  • Application of new caulking
  • A thorough inspection of the entire surface area
  • Application of primer whenever necessary
  • Application of paint (multiple layers whenever necessary)
  • Thorough cleaning of the work area to make your exteriors look sparklingly clean

Boston House Painters you can totally rely upon

As professional exterior house painters in Boston you don’t just have to rely upon us simply because we ask you to do so, we let our work do all the speaking for itself. We have a long list of satisfied customers who can happily vouch for us. As a more tangible affirmation all our painters are fully insured.

We are a family-owned business working as licensed:

  • Home Improvement Contractors (HIC)
  • Lead Paint Certified Renovators
  • Construction Supervisors Licensees

We work with independent homeowners as well as construction contractors, providing painting from scratch, re-painting as well as decorative painting involving multiple colors. We have equal expertise for painting all exteriors of your house including architectural components, construction materials and surface textures.

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