Not only are we experts at house painting and interior painting, Mass Painters is also highly skilled in the art of deck painting.

Here in Boston, we experience all types of climate and weather conditions. If you have a deck or other exposed wood surface, repeated exposure to the elements takes a toll. Exposed wood surfaces require protection against these weather variables to ensure that it remains vibrant and doesn’t discolor or rot. If you are noticing that your wood deck is beginning to show exposed spots or is looking weathered and gray, it may be time to stain. At Mass Painters Boston, we offer deck staining and finishing so your outdoor wood and decks can remain protected and beautiful.

Before we apply any product to your deck, we make sure it is properly cleaned. This is particularly important for any wood that has been neglected for some time. At Mass Painters Boston, our service includes power washing and pressure cleaning if necessary, then cleaning and sanding with deck sanders and eco-friendly products. Utilizing the most advanced equipment, our professionals at Mass Painters will clean and restore your wood. Only after this process is any stain product applied.

We offer many brands and applications. Whether your preference is a solid paint stain or a semi-transparent one, we only use the finest products available. We would be glad to guide you in choosing the appropriate product and color for your project. Mass Painters has been maintaining and repairing decks and other wood surfaces for decades. When you call Mass Painters Boston, you can be assured you’re getting nothing but the best for your outdoor wood deck or other wood surfaces.