Creating A Stunning Exterior For Your Home

Design tips are often given for the inside of your home, but you must remember that the outside of your home gives guests the very first impression of it, and so needs to be attended to as well. Color is your main asset when it comes to improving the exterior of your home, and this needs to be used wisely while also boldly.

When choosing the color and the shade of it, remember that you have to consider how this color will look at night, too. A color that is very dark in the day will look even darker, possibly even uninviting at night, while a pale color could be lost completely once the sun goes down and the opportunity for your home to shine is lost. A color as a sample may look too strong or overwhelming, but always remember that it will be covering a tall building in various lighting.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect color for your exterior, you need to decide on what kind of a surface it will be painted on. Painting on brick gives your exterior an interesting look, but for a smoother finish you may want to consider layering your brick exterior with plaster. This will improve your home’s insulation and give you a different surface to paint on. Alternatively you could cover your bricks with wooden planks for a more rustic and contemporary combined look, which is currently very popular. This will also improve your home’s insulation.

To further highlight your chosen color, you can now combine it by using the color of interesting outside features to create a contrast or to compliment the color. As you can see on the picture of this article, the exterior of the building is in a very bold red, which is contrasted with its complimentary color green by using wooden shutters to draw the spectator’s eye. These two colors are ideal for creating a bold and stunning exterior, as will the other complimentary colors. To note complimentary colors are always defined as a prime color and a secondary color which is not created by using said prime color to mix it, i.e. red is the complimentary color of green as you don’t mix red with anything to create greed, blue is the complimentary color of orange, and yellow is that of purple. Other outside features you can for this style of color use are balconies, hanging flower beds, and sun shades.

If this isn’t stunning enough for you, consider adding a mural to the exterior of your home. You can stencil the mural onto the outside of your home and then spray the paint inside the lines. Floral murals are very popular, and the most suited style for the exterior of a home, but if you like standing out from the masses in an eccentric manner, you could opt for a landscape mural.

The exterior of a home is becoming ever more important, especially in the world of design. Look online for some inspiration and see what is already out there to find out that there truly a no limits to your creativity.