How To Clean A Paint Roller

Paint projects that involve a large surface area will require the use of a paint roller. Paint rollers are the preferred method of paint application on larger projects because they can apply more paint to a surface than a hand-held brush. There is very little maintenance involved in keeping a paint roller clean and fully functional. The only required maintenance is to regularly clean the paint roller to prevent any damage or dried paint from preventing it from operating properly. Only a handful of steps are required to fully clean a paint roller.
The first step in the process of cleaning a paint roller is to remove any dried paint that might be present on the roller. Dried paint can be removed either by picking it off by hand or with the help of a paint scraper. Some manufacturers design a paint scrapping tool that is specifically made for the use on a paint roller.
After the paint has been scraped off you will want to wash the paint roller. Before washing the paint roller you will want to remove the roller from the frame. This can be done by gently pulling on the roller. Rinse both the roller and the frame in warm, soapy water. To create the warm soapy water use dish washing liquid and lukewarm water. The combination of scraping the paint off and rinsing both the roller and frame should cause most of the paint to fall off of the roller.
After being rinsed in warm, soapy water the roller and frame will need to be cleaned off with water. An outdoor hose is ideal for cleaning paint rollers. Just reattach the roller to the frame and hold it out in front of you. You can then take the hose and gently spray the water onto the paint roller. If you do not have access to an outdoor hose you can do this same process indoors by using the faucet from the kitchen sink or the bathroom shower.
Properly cleaned paint rollers will ensure that the paint applicator is ready for use during your next painting project. It is recommended that you clean your paint roller immediately after a painting project to avoid excessive damage to the paint roller. Not cleaning a paint roller can lead to damage to the roller or the frame that is irreversible and requires you to have to replace the paint roller completely.