How To Clean A Paint Brush

Every time a paint brush is used dirt and paint get stuck in the bristles of the brush. Dirt and dried paint can prevent a paint brush from performing properly. Routine cleaning of a paint brush will ensure that the dirt and paint is removed from the bristles and help the brush to last longer. Cleaning a paint brush takes just a matter of minutes and ensures that the condition of the brush is in good quality when you need wish to use it.
Immediately after painting you should remove any excessive paint from the paint brush. This can be done by taking a rag or towel and blotting the bristles of the brush. Blotting is recommended as it prevents you from pulling or tugging on the bristles. Tugging or pulling can cause the brush’s bristles to become lose and fall out.
After blotting out excessive paint you will want to rinse the paint brush under water to further remove any paint that might be trapped in the bristles. Use lukewarm to cool water when rinsing the brush as this will prolong the life of the paint brush. Do not use hot water to remove the paint as it will cause the glue that holds the paint brush’s bristles to soften. When that glue softens the paint brush loses its shape and will need to be replaced.
A little soap can be added to the lukewarm to cool water to help clean the paint brush. Dish washing liquid or hand soap can be used to clean the bristles of the brush. Squirt the dish washing liquid directly onto the bristles or dab the bristles on the bar of soap to get it soapy.
Rinse the brush with lukewarm to cool water only to remove any soap that may be present on the bristles. After rinsing the brush with water only you will want to pat it dry with a clean towel or rag. Once excessive water has been removed shape the bristles to how the brush looked before use and leave it to dry at room temperature.
It only takes a few minutes to properly clean a paint brush but it can help prolong the life of the brush by months, if not years. Removing paint immediately after use, using the right water temperature and drying at room temperature will all ensure that your paint brush is properly cleaned and ready for use on your next painting project.