Choosing Colors for Interior House Painting

Choosing the right paint color can be a challenge for many people. There are a few ways to make this easier on you and your painting contractor. Interior painting is a challenge because light plays a big role in how color reads to the human eye. Inside a building, people see the color different at different times of day as well as with different lighting options. Even the choice of light bulb plays a role.

You need to understand how you want a room’s mood to feel. Do you want a restful space? Do you want a vibrant space? Is the room for adults or children, or both? Understanding that part of the equation means choosing colors a bit easier. For example, most people consider red and orange vibrant colors. If you are looking for a tranquil bedroom, then picking bright red or orange for the walls is not a good idea.

Balance is critical. You need to think about the entire room, not just the wall color when you consider interior painting. Do you have a bright color sofa? Then you might want a softer, more muted tone on the walls. If your furniture is all neutrals, then you can go a bit wild on your wall colors. Mixing too much bright, bold color can be hard on the eyes. Having too much muted tones can make a room seem bland.

Let paint bring your home together. If you can see one room from another one, you need to have some correlation between the two. If you paint one room in deep purple and the other room in bright yellow, the contrast can be a bit jarring. Choosing colors that are closer together on the color wheel offers a beautiful transition between connected spaces with interior painting.

Keep in mind, there’s no color police. So use the colors that make you happy.

Rely on your professional house painter for advice on color choice. Painters who do interior painting have seen many color combinations. They can give you pointers on which ones work and which ones you should run away from.

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